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Making A Statement With Custom Made Frames

Posted on Monday 26th April 2021   |   How To

Making a statement with custom made frames

You can use art, pictures and photographs in custom made frames to make an impact in your home in a number of ways. Don’t worry if you are not sure where to start, though, because the aim of this article is to inspire you to be more creative when hanging your pictures.
If you have a blank wall (or two) in your home, or are looking for an easy way to add some more personality to your decorating scheme, then adding some art in picture frames made to measure would be perfect for you. 
Black and white frames are a good way to add a classic and crisp feel to your home, or you could add a punch of colour with some metal frames – both available from in a variety of sizes. 

Use picture ledges

A lot of people like to hang their pictures on the wall in a traditional way, using a nail. However, this isn’t the only way to display your pictures. Another great way, which is becoming really popular at the moment, is to hang a picture ledge on your wall instead and then lean your pictures against the wall using the ledge to support them. This way you can change things around easily without having to knock any more holes in the walls! You can keep it simple and just pop two or three pictures in the same frame size on there, or give a more casual vibe by overlapping pictures and using different frame sizes. 

Mix up your frame sizes

Gallery walls are one of those things that people either love or hate. If you err on the side of not being a fan of gallery walls, as you don’t want to look at a wall full of frames, why not break things up by using frames in a different range of sizes or different frame materials? You could also add interest by hanging other things in between some of the frames, such as plates or wall hangings. Try and keep the colours of everything very similar though, so there is some sort of theme going on.

Consider existing features in your home

If you have a large television hanging on your wall, why not try and incorporate it into your display of art as a way of drawing people’s attention away from it. If you’re clever with it you can make people think it is part of the display?

Think about your accent pieces

Don’t just think about what pictures you are going to hang take into account the accessories you are going to put around it as well. For example, if you have black and white accessories in your home, why not frame some black and white prints in black frames? Then accentuate them with some black lamps which will act as a frame for your display.

Use your stairs as a gallery

Unless you live in a bungalow, chances are you have stairs in your home. If you have, have you considered hanging pictures on your stairway wall? Think about how many times you go up and down your stairs everyday – wouldn't it be a nicer trip if you had some family memories or your favourite pieces of art to look at while you were going up and down? It will also add personality to your home as well, which will be great for when friends and family are allowed back in once lockdown eases.

Be brave and go bold

The easiest way to make a statement in your home is to fill a wall with pictures, but that isn’t the only way to go bold. You can make a statement using just one or two of your favourite prints, as long as you make sure they are beautifully framed using custom frames.

Think small

Bigger isn’t always better. You can make a statement using small pictures – this is a great way to give people an intimate view of your personality or your likes as a household. Smaller displays like this tend to work really well in the kitchen area of a home, as they tend to be the most social space – where everyone gravitates to when there is a party. This also makes it a great place to share your favourite family photos.

Give everyone some inspiration

If you have an office space at home then don’t forget that this can be a great place to hang some inspirational art as well. Have a look around for prints and phrases that inspire you, and then frame them to keep them looking neat and prevent them from distracting you.

So, now you have some inspiration for making a statement with your framed pictures and prints, what is the best way for you to position them in order to make the most impact?

Here are some of our favourite tips:

Think about the proportion of your room

The best way to ensure your art or pictures look the best is to make sure they are placed evenly on the wall – whether you have beautiful high ceilings or something a little lower. This will ensure they feel balanced.

For impact, go big

If you have a modern and contemporary feel in your home, why not emphasize this by using one large print rather than a collection of small ones? To really emphasize the sleek feel, make sure to pick a monochrome black and white image or a mid-century iconic one – to really make the most impact on the people who will see it.  

Forget ornaments, use photographs instead

A great way to use your photos, rather than just putting them on the wall, is to use them as ornaments and place them around your home with a selection of other things. You could pop some on your bookcase, for example, with some small houseplants. Make sure you stick to two or three main colours in your collection though, to keep the display looking modern not cluttered.

Try a homemade look for cuteness

A cute way to display photos in a teens room, is to use some string, two screws and a few pegs to create a cute display. If you don’t like the idea of pegs, as they can look a little boho, just use some pretty washi tape to stick the photos to the wall behind the string instead. This way of displaying pictures also works well in a home office.

Consider your use of space

When hanging a group of photos together in the same space, you need to think about the size of the group you want to hang, as well as the shape of it. You should also think about the amount of space you want to leave between each picture as well. If you want to leave a lot of space, more than 8 cm say, then this may mean that the images start to look a little disconnected – which is why it is so important to consider your use of space. 

Theme is very important

Whether you decide to display three huge photos or 33 tiny ones the one thing you can do to ensure they look their best is to think of a theme, and stick to it. This doesn’t mean that all of your photos have to be of the same thing though, one easy way to make them look more coherent is to use the same frame for them all. To really make them pop, why not use a black background and a white frame, rather than the usual white background and black frame? 

Hopefully this article has given you the inspiration you need to get your favourite prints and photographs in frames made to measure, so, you can display them around your home. Please head over to the to browse the wide selection of frames we have available, and contact us with any questions you may have.

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