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Art For Your Home: What Types Are Available?

Posted on Wednesday 28th July 2021   |   Inspiration

Art for your home: What types are available?

No matter what size of home you live in, art should always have a place there. Of course, we would say that as made to measure picture frames are our business! 
Art can give your home a touch of class. It has been used as a means to express ourselves as humans since ancient times, after all. Art can speak for a person without the need for words. 

For example, you can tell if someone is a nature lover or a sports lover just by looking at the pictures on their walls. They don’t have to tell you that, the art they have hanging there will.

Apart from giving you a little insight into the people who live in a space, art can also add to the general décor of a space as well. On top of this, it can serve as a focal point to your room as well, drawing the attention of people as soon as they walk in.

However, before you go out and buy your first piece of art and co-ordinating picture frames there are some things you need to know about art, such as how to choose it and what different types of art there are. Read on to discover more:

How to choose art for your home

The right piece of art can help to make your home come to life, while the wrong piece can have a disastrous effect. Some of our top tips when it comes to choosing art for your home include:

  • Keep scale in mind. The size of your artwork can play a vital part in its success as part of your décor - for example, there is no point hanging a tiny picture on a huge white wall while a picture that is too big can totally dominate a room. So, always keep scale in mind when you are buying art work and if you aren’t sure of the size, buy a standard size piece

  • Follow your instinct. Art is always a personal subjective choice and not everyone will love every piece of art in your home – but that’s ok. Buy what you like and what you have a strong connection with, and don’t worry about anyone else. After all, they won’t be looking at it every day, but you will

  • Monochrome pieces are always a good idea. The beauty of monochrome (or black and white pieces) is that they suit every type of décor and rooms of all sizes. No matter where you place black and white artwork in your house it will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to that space.

  • Try mixing and matching. You don’t have to hang traditional art in a classic interior or modern art in a contemporary interior, mixing and matching can be a great way to shake things up. Mix modern art and antique furniture, or traditional art with contemporary furniture – the possibilities are endless.

  • Be bold. opt for a bold piece of art in your home, but just make sure that the other pieces in your space have a more minimalist tone – if you go bold everywhere it can look a bit overpowering and congested. 

What types of art are available?

We’ve briefly mentioned modern art and traditional art above, but what other types of art are available?

  • Applied art. This type of art involves applying an artistic design to everyday items and making them pretty. It has no function at all, it just makes them aesthetically pleasing.

  • Decorative art. This type of art involves the ornamentation and decoration of functional items, and it doesn’t tend to have any intrinsic aesthetic qualities. It is a term that is often used to describe craft items and it is a major sub-category under applied art. 

  • Fine art. This type of art is known for its beauty rather than its function, which is what separates it from applied or decorative art. Fine art can include drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures meaning it encompasses a wide range of art under its umbrella term.

  • Plastic art. This covers three-dimensional art such as ceramics and sculpting, and consists of any art that uses plastic as its material and involves carving, modelling and sculpting.

  • Visual art. This type of art is anything that has a visual impact, such as architecture, ceramics, drawing, film-making, photography, painting and sculptures. Applied arts such as fashion design, graphic design, industrial design and so on can also be described as visual arts too.

What type of art might you want to purchase for your home?

When it comes to displaying art in your home it tends to be chosen for a mix of aesthetic and functional reasons. Probably why the most common type of artwork seen in a home is usually paintings or sculptures.

When it comes to selecting art for particular rooms, this can be different as artwork for bedrooms tends to be chosen based on your personal interests whereas art for the living room tends to be cosier and more welcoming. 

Every area in your home should be decorated with love and attention, because it is your personal space that is reflective of your style. 

Here are some types of art that are eternally popular:

  • Abstract art. Abstract art has been around for more than 100 years and teds to divide opinion with people either loving or hating it – or spending a long time trying to decipher what it depicts! In literal terms, abstract art means any art that distances an idea from the object it references. So, whereas visual art tends to represent the object it references in visual terms, abstract art does not involve any reference points that would be easily understood. This, however, is one of the reasons why abstract art is so popular in homes – as it is felt to inspire creativity and curiosity. 

  • Cubism. This is an art movement that emerged in the 20th century and is thought of being the most influential art movement of all time. It was a turning point for modern art, and paved the way for abstract art for example. If an art is cubist, then the subject of the painting tends to be discernible and it does not tend to be about nature. Objects tend to be painted in a geometric form and then realigned in a shallow space. 

  • Modern art. Modern art’s conception can be traced back to the 18th century – a time when the world was going though rapid changes in manufacturing, technology and transportation. Art went through a revolution at this time to, straying from the traditional techniques and styles and becoming what we now call ‘modern art’. It is however, more of a period of time than a type of art, so it can be tricky to define. Modern art tends to be bold and bright, and embrace a wide array of colours, forms and lines to capture the attention of a viewer and really bring your room to life.

  • Pop art. Pop art emerged on the scene after World War 1 and tends to use mass media imagery based around celebrities, comic books and other things linked to popular culture. It goes by the theory that art can be borrowed from any source, high culture or low culture, and has the ability to speak any language – be it childlike or adult. Realistic visualisation and bright colours mean it is likely to become the focal point of whatever room it is hung in. 
As you can see there are many different types of art available to hang in your home, and really at the end of the day it is up to you what style you choose. Frames UK are here to help you with our wide range of made to measure and custom picture frames to show off your chosen piece in style. 

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