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How To Hang Pictures In Every Room Of Your Home

Posted on Friday 1st May 2020   |   How To

How to hang pictures in every room of your home

Balance is the key to successful interior design. So, when it comes to hanging pictures on your wall you don’t need to fill every available space. As much as we love showcasing our made to order frames, you should use empty wall space as part of your design scheme to enhance your home decorations. 

When you are thinking about what to put on your walls, you should ensure your picture should add warmth and depth to your overall interior design as well as reinforcing whether your room design is casual or formal design. 

When you have custom made frames online you will ensure that your pictures blend in with your scheme and look as though they have always been there. You can also use your furniture to create natural break in your wall and crate spaces that will be ideal for pictures. For example, if you have a tall floor lamp in your room it will automatically become part of overall wall design, and so you do not need to put a picture beside them.

Walls with window openings or doors in can be a great place to hang pictures. For example, if you have a wall featuring two windows which are at least two feet apart, you can use the space in between to hang pictures. However, you should keep the adjacent walls clear of pictures especially if they also feature other decorative elements.

One important thing to think about before you start to hang your pictures is the room layout. You can create a symmetrical design by placing pictures so that they are balanced within the empty space. If you have a less formal design in your home you could go for an asymmetrical design with a staggered or random pattern. 

Let’s take a closer look at some ideas for hanging pictures in your home, room by room:

#1 Hallway

Hallways tend to feature some kind of furniture, such as a console table, table lamp, mirror and maybe even a coat stand. If you have a chair in the hall, try hanging a picture above that. You could also hang a group of pictures on the wall opposite a console table – this works especially well when the grouping is reflected in the mirror. 

An irregular wall which has been created to house a coat closet is a good place for adding some design interest by mixing shapes and sizes of pictures to give some contrast. If you have an empty wall leading into your kitchen or dining room, then this could be an ideal place for a row of pictures or a gallery wall. 

#2 Staircase

Staircases are great places to hang pictures – and are one of the most popular places for a gallery display in many homes. You can also place a picture or group of pictures on the landing wall where it can be seen from the staircase, while the main floor wall of the staircase is another good place to display one or more pictures.

#3 Lounge

Your lounge will probably house a sofa and chairs, an entertainment unit, a coffee table, some lamps and maybe some other furnishings as well. Before you hang pictures, therefore, you should stand in the middle of the room and take a good look around at the space you have available.

If your TV is fixed to the wall then you may want to add some pictures in the space around it. You can treat the TV as if it was a picture and hang other pictures around it. Go for pictures that are smaller than your TV if you want to minimise distraction. 

You can also place pictures above or to the side of your bookcase or entertainment centre, but make sure they don’t extend past the width of the furniture. If you have very tall furniture then you may want to hang pictures either side of it rather than above it.

If you have a fireplace then this is probably the focal point of the room. Many people like to decorate their mantelpiece and space above the mantelpiece with pictures. There are several picture arrangements you could go for, depending on the style of your fire, for example you could have pictures on the wall above the mantel or place them either side of fireplace.

If you have a corner sofa, then you may want to think about breaking up the long look of it with pictures placed on the wall space above – you could choose round, square or rectangle prints to create a gallary wall. A coach creates a line along a wall, and this defines the wall above. If your coach is placed on a wall which features windows, you may decide to hang the pictures in between the windows. 

Another idea is to place side tables at either end of the sofa, with a table lamp on each. This can also help to frame the wall above the couch and make it a great picture hanging area. You could even hang a picture above each table if you want a symmetrical look.

#4 Dining Room

The dining room is one of the best rooms in the house for hanging pictures, as long as you keep in mind the furniture you have in there and the wall space surrounding each piece.

A popular option at the moment is to have a feature wall painted in a different colour in your dining room, and hanging some pictures on this wall can be a great way to highlight it. To really make a statement you could leave the adjacent walls blank. However, if you have a few pictures you want to hang in your dining area, then why not go for oversized pictures to balance the accent wall – a picture above the sideboard would also complete this look.

#5 Kitchen

Many people shy away from placing pictures in their kitchens, as they feel the wall space is pretty much covered with cabinets and so on. However, you can usually find some pieces of blank wall which would be perfect for showcasing some of your favourite art or family photos. The right pictures can really bring your kitchen to life and give it some depth. 

If your kitchen cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, for example, you could place a picture of two above them. Or if you have a space for dining, you could make it more interesting by adding a gallery of pictures to the wall next to the table. If you have a wall between the kitchen and the doors that lead in/out of it then this might be a good place to hang a picture or two as well.

#6 Bedroom

A lot of people tend to hang pictures in their bedrooms, and the two most popular places for this are above their bedside tables, or above their headboard.

If you do have a headboard, and you are placing your pictures above your bedside tables, then a good rule of thumb to follow is to ensure they aren’t hung higher than the headboard height. Another good place for pictures is either side of the mirror on a small dresser- as long as they don’t extend beyond the dresser width.

If you are lucky enough to have a sitting area in your bedroom, then this is another excellent spot for hanging some peaceful and tranquil pictures. 

At the end of the day it is your home, and you should hang pictures that you love wherever you want to hang them. Here at Frames we can provide you with the perfect frame to suit your style, from made to measure aluminium picture frames to natural wood. 

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