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How To Make A Statement With Made To Measure Picture Frames

Posted on Wednesday 24th July 2019   |   Inspiration

There are lots of different ways to make an impact in your home by displaying art, photographs and prints in made to measure picture frames. In this article we will try and inspire you with some creative arrangements.

If you are looking to add a touch of personality to your home, or have a blank wall that you need some inspiration for, then adding some picture frames uk is a sure-fire way to make a real statement. Black and white frames are a classic combination that not only look crisp and pack an impact, but you can also mix things up with bright colours or metal frames of various sizes, the possibilities are endless.

Lean In

Although many people like to neatly mount their framed pictures on the wall, there is no rule that says you have to do this. Using a picture ledge and leaning framed art against the wall is another way of displaying pictures that is growing in popularity on a daily basis. One of the benefits of this way of displaying pictures is that you can change them round quite easily, without damaging the wall. Create a relaxed look by mixing frame size, and overlapping the pictures.

Mix It Up

Some people aren’t keen on the idea of a wall full of frames, but you can make it look more interesting by mixing the style of the frame and the size of the frame you use. You could also mix it up by adding other items such as mirrors to break up the wall. Try and keep the colours of the frames the same though to add just a touch of cohesiveness.

Incorporate Existing Features

If you have a wall which contains a TV or a fireplace, then try and incorporate this into your framed art display in some way. Hanging rectangular frames over the entire wall look super flattering and may fool people into thinking your TV or fireplace is part of the final display.

Choose Your Accents Carefully

You can create a really effective display if you consider the accessories you are putting round it carefully. For example, a white wall featuring a display of black and white prints in black frames, will look extremely stylish if you also add some black lamps in a symmetrical fashion as well. The lamps can even act as a frame for the display as well.

Think About a Hallway Gallery

Most of us have stairways in our homes, and they tend to be purely functional areas which we don’t often think about decorating as much as we do other areas of the home. This is surprising actually, when you think about how many times a day you go up and down the stairs, and also the amount of blank wall space there is as well. Why not use this blank canvas to create an area packed full of family memories to not only make the walk up and down the stairs more interesting, but also add some personality to your home as well?

Be Bold

You don’t have to fill a wall with picture frames to make a statement, you can make a statement by just using two or three eye-catching images – as long as they are beautifully mounted and framed.

Minimise Things

The other thing you don’t always have to do is to use large pictures to make a statement, instead try using a scaled down display of smaller images in frames in order to offer a more intimate insight into your taste or who you are as a household. This sort of display tends to work really well in the kitchen, which is the hub of the home and a very social space. This makes it a great place to showcase your favourite family photographs which you can then share with your family and friends alike.

Inspire Yourself & Others

If you are lucky enough to have a study at home, this is another space that can often be overlooked when it comes to decoration. However, even if it is a serious workspace it is also a room that could do with an injection of personality as well. Collect together some prints and photos that inspire you and make sure you get them framed to keep them neat and less distracting.

So, now we’ve given you some ideas on how to make a statement with your framed prints, how do you go about positioning them to make the most impact? Here are some tips on how to make the most of them:

Take Your Room Proportion into Account

Whether your home has a low ceiling or you are lucky enough to have gorgeous high ceilings, the best way to ensure your framed art looks the best it can is to make sure it is evenly distributed on the wall – as this will also ensure it feels balanced.

Go Oversized for Impact

If your home is sleek and contemporary then why not go for a supersized print to fill your blank space rather than a collection of smaller photographs. The more stylised and pulled-in the image is the better as well, as this will make a big impact in your space – so make sure the print you choose is midcentury iconic or classic black and white.

Use Photos as Incidental Ornaments

One of the best ways to display photos is to use them as ornaments and dot them around a space mixed in with other curios. For example, if you have a large bookcase, you could spread them around this as well as houseplants, and other interesting curios. Make sure your display looks modern and not cluttered by sticking to one or two main colours, with perhaps an accent colour thrown in for good luck.

Make it Look Home Made

If you want to look like you’ve not tried too hard, then you can create a cute gallery of photos by using some string, some pegs and two screws.  You don’t even need the pegs, you can pop the string up and stick the photos behind using some wasabi tape. This works well above a desk in a home office, and it will also be something that your teenage child might enjoy recreating in their room as well. As with other displays, stick to a colour theme if you want to keep things looking neat, and use wooden, black or white pegs.

Space Out

If you are placing your framed photos or prints on a wall in a group, then not only do you have to consider the shape of the group but also the size of it – as they should both echo the space available on the wall. The other space you need to think about is the space between the pictures themselves. If there is more than 8cm between pictures then they may look like a disconnected group of items rather than something cohesive so make sure they look cosy by taking the space into account.

Go Off-centre with Single Shots

As we have said before, groups of photographs look best if they are centralised on a wall, but if you have a one-off piece you want to display then you could hang it off-centre in order to create a pleasing visual display.

Consider the Furniture in the Group

We’ve talked about the distance between pictures being important, but you also need to think about the other pieces in the room that the pictures need to relate to – such as the furniture. In other words, whether you are hanging single pictures or a group of pictures, you need to make sure they are close enough to your furniture to connect with people, otherwise again you could run the risk of everything looking disconnected and not thought through.

Create a Theme

Precise, super neat, well-balanced grids of photos always look great, but they will always look at their best when there is a common theme that runs through them. One way to ensure this is to make sure they are all framed in the same way. Think outside the box as well by using a black background to frame black and white pictures, rather than white, as the black can really make the images stand out.

If you have artwork, photos or prints that you want to display, and we have inspired you to get them framed and on the wall, then please head over to our frames uk website and take a look at the wide range of picture frames we have available. 

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