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The Benefits That Wall Art Can Bring To Every Home

Posted on Tuesday 9th March 2021   |   News

The Benefits that Wall Art can bring to every Home

Everyone here at agrees that there is something special about decorating a room and watching it all come together. From the initial idea to the end result, it is such a satisfying feeling. 

One often forgotten aspect of the final result, the thing that can just add that finishing touch, is the addition of wall art in beautiful a4 picture frames.  The impact this can have on a room scheme is one of those things that is often underrated, and so in this post we are going to talk some more about how wall art and wall art décor can help to transform a room and really bring your interior design scheme to life.

What benefits can wall art bring to your home?

#Benefit 1: Colour

When interior designers choose colours for a room scheme, they tend to focus on the most dominant colour for the space i.e., the main colour. Very occasionally, a second colour may be chosen, but more often than not nowadays we tend to stick with one colour as we want to be safe and keep everything looking coordinated.

This is where wall art and a4 photo frames come into play, as they can be great tools for adding colour to your interior scheme, without fear of them dominating or overshadowing your main theme. 

If you choose your pictures wisely, they can enhance your scheme. They can give a brightness to your walls – depending on the style and look of the art you choose. On the other hand, you could choose to keep the art neutral in line with the main colour in your room to create a harmonious finish which complements your room and gives a soothing and relaxing finish to the space.

#Benefit 2: Texture

Thanks to the popularity of painted finishes over the past few years, many of us don’t think about texture when it comes to our walls. However, this could be a mistake, because texture not only creates depth and interest but also helps to bring our rooms to life.

Adding some textured wall art, such as tapestries or impasto artwork is an easy way to create a more varied scheme which can feel softer too.

There is also a bigger trend happening now which involves adding onto our gallery walls with the addition of interesting artefacts that we love. From antlers to plates, through wicker baskets and even wall hangings – anything goes. Our walls have quite simply never looked this good!

Be warned though, you should choose wisely. Fit the style of your textured additions to the style of your home – if you have a contemporary theme choose plates, an industrial theme suits antique keys, and a boho theme is perfect for tapestries. There are thousands of choices you could make, but the time spent choosing will be well spent.

#3 Benefit 3: The WOW Factor

Creating a wow factor with wall art is always a good idea – whether you choose lots of small pieces in a collage or one humongous piece to catch the eye. 

Large posters can take up a lot of wall space and draw the eye to a particular spot in the room – which will set the tone for the rest of the space.

Alternatively, you could choose lots of smaller pieces and hang them together in one display which can create a similar effect to just hanging one large piece. 

Don’t get drawn into the trap of thinking you have to have a particular set of skills to be able to bring a wall collage together – there isn’t really a right or wrong way. We have plenty of articles for you in our blog section though, that can talk you through exactly what you need to do, if you are worried. 

#Benefit 4: Atmosphere

As we have touched on before, your choice of art can really help to create a particular atmosphere in your home. For example, bold art with a super hero or Avengers' theme can be great in a kid's room or playroom as they help to create an atmosphere that is fun. Abstract art, on the other hand, can help you to create a more sombre and moody feeling – more suitable for a library or home office. Abstract art ink drawings are clean and simple, so perfect for the kitchen. 

#Benefit 5: Personality

Art is one of the easiest ways we can express our own personality in our homes, in a very unique way.

If you think about it, each one of us will have a different piece of favourite art. Whether we are conscious of what we like about it or not, we will be guided by our inner likes and dislikes as well as things we have seen online. 

You may not realise this, but our choices of art can tell people a lot about our personality. And we can then put this on the wall for everyone to see.

The other way that art shows our true personality, is that it can affect us in ways that nothing else can. If you choose the right piece it can elicit the most emotional response, that it will always make you feel at home and ground you in your interior – making you feel at peace. 

There is nothing as important as picking the right piece of art for your home – and the right a3 photo frame of course – so don’t forget to think about wall art when you are redecorating your home. Add in some colour, texture, personality and the wow factor to really finish your interior scheme off and bring it to life. 

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