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The Biggest Interior Design Trends For 2021

Posted on Tuesday 9th March 2021   |   News

The biggest interior design trends for 2021

Adding photos and photo frames to your interior is just one of the ways you can refresh it. In this article we will take a closer look at the big interior trends for 2021, to give you some inspiration to reinvent your home:

2020 has been the year of the home, after all, and we have all spent a lot more time there then maybe we intended to. Many people’s attitudes towards life have changed as well, and this is reflected in some of the interior design trends for 2021.

# Trend One: Arts and Crafts

A classic trend that continues to change and develop each year, 2021’s takes on the arts and crafts trend harks back to the iconic time of this movement, right when it first began at the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. This trend was born out an aim to reverse the damaging effects of machine-made items, by reforming how much value was placed on things that were hand-made.

As more and more people have turned their hands to crafting while they have been at home unable to work, so we are seeing more and more people realising the value of having handmade and decorative pieces inside their homes

#Trend Two: Classic Traditionalism

Another trend that harks back to the past, classic traditionalism is inspired by the décor of the 18th and 19th centuries, and incorporates pieces of furniture from that era, with classic art. Pairing pieces from the same era can help bring a sense of harmony and order to your home, as this trend also favours symmetrical placings of objects as well.

Traditional and classic interior schemes tend to incorporate classic damask fabrics, courtly stripes and ornate scrolls – in a move away from bold, graphic geometric designs.

#Trend Three: Cottagecore

The things that we have all experienced this year have led us to feel more nostalgic and to crave comfort more than anything, and so we believe that the cottagecore trend is here to stay.

Not to be confused with the more minimalist cottage style, cottagecore mixes the traditional cottage elements with a more luxurious feel, to create a feeling of glamour in a traditional way. Statement gold accessories, such as gold poster frames, gilded cutlery and vintage style barware are all great ways to add this look to your home, without busting your budget. 

Keep it grounded with touches of the great British quirk, such as gingham and checks mixed with vintage motifs in beautiful pastel shades.

#Trend Four: Distant Shores

One thing we have all been restricted from doing this year is fulfilling our lust for travel, and sailing off to sunnier shores, and so next year we will bring that feeling home with us. Interiors inspired by our longing for a tropical getaway will make our homes calm and relaxing, the perfect place for us to unwind and recharge. 

Our interiors will be fuelled by a global inspiration and feature tropical leaves and florals allowing us to bring the outside in. Colour palettes will feature subtle monotones, soft lemon and tropical bright’s to replicate the sea and distant shores of our travels.

#Trend Five: Global Influence

Similar to the Distant Shores theme, this theme is inspired by travels to foreign lands, but in this case it is all about Africa. Building on the earthy colour palette we will talk about later, and mixing it with warm, natural textured items, you should fill your home with rattan, woven and wooden accessories to give it a bold safari feel.

As we are unable to get away to gain insight into the trends for the new season, instead we have to draw on nostalgia and nature, to reflect the current circumstances we are living with by embracing neutral colour palettes and familiar patterns that will help to turn our homes into a sanctuary once again.

#Trend Six: Neutral Colour Palette

 Dulux was the first décor company to throw its hat into the ring for 2021 by annoucning its colour of the year to be ‘Brave Ground’ - “a warm earthy tone that connects back to nature and the simple things”. Sherwin Williams quickly followed by announcing their colour for 2021 was ‘Urbane Bronze’ - “a rich, warming shade leading a confident air of calm and comfort to a scheme.”

In fact, almost all paint and interior companies have got behind the trend for a natural, neutral, earthy colour palette in our homes next year. With shades such as deep reds, rusts, slubby browns and warm greens, it is all about welcoming and comfort – something we all need after the year we have just had!

#Trend Seven: Ocean Hues

One company who is bypassing the trend for natural, neutral tones next year is Benjamin Moore who have instead gone for ‘Agean Blue’ - “a warm blue-green with grey undertones” which they believe will bring “a fresh, crisp feel to any scheme” while at the same time “creating a relaxed yet soothing atmosphere”

Ocean blues are a key colour trend for the year, as they are associated with calmness, comfort and peace, and so will offer users a calm, contemporary look. Available in shades from soft aquas, to deep ink, ocean hues are the perfect colours to use when you want to create a tranquil space.

#Trend Eight: Retro vintage

The vintage scheme cries out for antique, repurposed and salvaged pieces – but with a less-is more approach. We don’t want our homes to feel like relics of the past, rather we should pick pieces carefully and add a pop of strong colour to present a cohesive adhesive to the world. 

If you want to be successful with a retro vintage theme, build up your pieces slowly and selectively, and layer them together over time. Each piece should mean something to you, and you should add a touch of modernity with rich fabrics and statement lighting.

# Trend Nine: Rustic Vogue

This trend is quite a popular one, as it appeals to people who want to inject some character into their living spaces, while not missing out on the modern comforts of home. It works best in homes that already have some character, such as exposed wooden beams, panelled walls and original floorboards – but it can work well in more modern homes as well as long as the balance between old and new pieces is kept harmonious. 

The core material that makes this look unique is reclaimed wood – so look for pieces with texture and colour differentiation rather than those that have been perfectly finished.

Whichever trend you decide to go with for your interiors next year, remember that are here to help you choose the perfect photo frame, whatever your theme.

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